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Assess your space: Before you convince yourself that there is too little room, or your furniture is too large, visualize your space on paper or in your head. Rooms that have doorways to another space will need to have a clear walkway through your space and through the doorway. Therefore, do not place very large furniture too close or in the middle of traffic pathways. If you have windows, take into consideration tall furniture that can block views out of these windows.
Assess your furniture size: If you haven’t bought furniture yet, measure the spaces for furniture before you go shopping. Online furniture and mail order catalogs will have dimensions for you to plan. If you buy from a store, take a tape measurer and ask the sales associates for dimensions. If you have existing furniture, size up your largest piece and your largest wall. Continue through this process until your room has adequate pieces and room to move freely throughout the space.

Multifunctional furniture is important: If you’re realizing your furniture doesn’t fit, multifunctional furniture is your answer. A futon can double as a couch or a bed, as can a sofa bed. A dining room table may need to also be your office desk for a laptop and small printer. Small ottomans can hold storage and large ottomans can serve as cocktail tables. Determine your entertaining and family needs and choose the multifunctional pieces that are best for your home.
Consider the big picture: Most people would love to live in a large home that could accommodate all of the new furniture they acquire. The reality is, more home owners are opting for smaller homes due to rising energy costs and a smarter approach to spending money. Determine what pieces of furniture your family need, and then which pieces are for luxury. If your family is comfortable and you can entertain, your furniture is probably perfect for your home as it is.

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