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The National Assembly of Kuwait, known as the Majlis Al-Umma ("House of the Nation") (Arabic: مجلس الأمة‎), is the legislature of Kuwait. The current speaker of the Assembly is Jassem Al-Kharafi. The Emir unconstitutionally dissolved the National Assembly in 1986 and restored it after the Gulf War in 1992. The Emir has also constitutionally dissolved the Assembly several times—meaning that he dissolved it but allowed for elections immediately afterward.

This is Digital beijing Building at olympic park,The building, located on the northern end of the cities central axis, servea as the control and data center for the 2008 Olympic Games. At other times it will accommodate a virtual museum and an exhibition center for manufacturers of digital products.
The concept for Digital Beijing was developed through reconsideration and reflection on the role of contemporary architecture in the information era. Unlike its neighbors, PTW’s Water Cube and Herzog & de Meuron’s Bird’s Nest, Digital Beijing looks to use simple building construction and materials. A dark stone, quarried in the northern part of China, covers most of the exterior, with a glass curtain wall covering the east façade.In contrast, the interior is covered with a composite fiberglass material develop by the architect.
In the future, it is expected that the building will be constantly under renovation as it evolves to keep pace with technology.The project has been widely regarded as one of the great, yet unknown, structures on the Olympic campus, but also has its critics:"Next door is Digital Beijing, an ominous-sounding "data and control centre" by the Chinese architect Pei Zhu. It is shaped, cheesily, like a mainframe computer from the 1960s, cut with linear glass strips evoking a circuit board. Four gloomy stone slabs, divided by glass atria, do an excellent Orwellian Ministry of Truth impression. It's slightly less spirit-crushing inside." - Tom Dyckhoff of Times Online

This is Blur Hotel | Hotel Kapok | Studio Pei Zhu Design.Considered to be one of the first boutique hotels in Beijing, the Blur Hotel looks at its historic context to create a stylishly modern hotel. Blur Hotel is a refurbishment of a former governmental office beside the western gate of the Forbidden City.

The interior layout of the hotel is based on the vernacular building typology of the sihueyuan, or courtyard house. By carving into concrete slab floors of the existing building, an arrangement of alternating vertical courtyards is created, replicating the spatial arrangement of the surrounding hutongs. The exterior is wrapped in a continuous and semi-transparent façade of panelized, extruded fiberglass. At night, the building is transformed by light to resemble a Chinese lantern.

Combining the exterior screen and internal courtyard, the building appears as a single, yet permeable object. The project has received high acclaim from critics, and has become a major stop for designers visiting Beijing.
This Fun Sofa for Kids interesting furniture item is called Mussel Chair and was designed by Hanne Kortegaard with a multiple functionality. As it name suggests, it can serve as a comfortable chair for adults. But in the same time, kids can make the most of it by using it as a small bed, a sofa and even a miniature playground. Mussel Chair comes with a comfortably shaped pillow that can be a really handy item to have around, when watching TV on the floor or when needing a feet rest. We like to think of this product as one that can intermediate parents-children relationships, as this could be a fun “gathering place” for a child and one of his parents carrying an emotional value for both of them. On top of all this, its design is impeccable and makes it ideal for a modern interior with a personality design
Fun Sofa for Kids and Beautiful Chair for Adults
Very Small House Apartment with Aesthetic Interior .“This 55 sq.m. apartment with aesthetic interior belongs highlight main interests of the owner: music, food and meeting with friends. Because of size the living space of apartment was combined so living room, kitchen and dining room are one place now. Interior colors is warm and natural besides small red highlights of speakers, wall art and bean bag comfy chair. The bathroom has a slightly move to more cool and modern design but that doesn’t break the mood. The most of furniture and accessories around the apartment are made in Italy. The apartment design created an illusion of a large apartment. The walls positions was changed in order to do that but who cares when the result is so good?”Small House Apartment with Aesthetic Interior
This is Small Apartment Design in Modern and Minimal Style.The transformation of this "mansion" flat in the outskirts of Tokyo is an excellent example of adaptation of housing after the war is not only affordable, but comfortable accommodation. Mansion flats, usually very small in the rental of one passenger. This apartment is 400 square feet of modern space minimal medium, where the participants can not only relax, but also to work. Internal walls were demolished to maximize light penetration and provide open-plan living conditions. Cabinets and other spaces hidden behind sliding doors. Integrated window factory is located above the kitchen strike line across the green space. The small waiting room is a bath-shower wet room and did not order a compact unit, vanity. In the bathroom wood and Hinoki wood, relaxed textures. Toilet not only has a matte black walls, which contrast with the almost entirely white interior of the apartment, but also has a water-saving technologies as a means of re-filter the water.Small Apartment Design in Modern and Minimal Style

Small Apartment Design in Modern and Minimal Style

Swedish interior design is usually very comfortable and practical. Apartment is located in a small town but very beautiful Linnéstaden. Building where it is located quite old, but the apartments are renovated contemporary interior design in addition to 3.40 feet ceilings create spacious 58 square meters of space that is very convenient for those who possess it. (Foto. By Alvhem Mäkleri & Interior)Swedish 58 sqm apartment

Swedish 58 sqm apartment

New Swedish 58 sqm apartment
This Warm, soft and minimalist apartment is located on Nob Hill in San Fancisco, California. The interior uses a warm and soft materials, colors and finishes with minimalism in mind. It not only looks very beautiful and comfortable but also help to see all the beauty of art collections. marble countertops, wood and stone fireplace podium to make the apartment also looks very luxurious. Interior designed by Garcia Tamjidi architecture and design studios.Warm, soft and minimalist apartment
This is a design which is currently more booming.Red White Apartment Interior Design ne always like when people use the color white as a neutral in their interiors. It's great in combination with almost any other color and looks much more modern than a warm beige or similar. This 80 square meter apartment in Tel Aviv is a good example of how to add the red part for such decorations can be made not only modern but also harmonious.
Although it is only 80 square meters studio apartment makes a big impression. These are open spaces which are separated by glass walls and folding doors. Just one click of a button can make the bedroom more private by closing the window-glass windows. Because the dominant owner is not afraid there's a lot of red colored with it: in the living room furniture, kitchen furniture, beds and walls in the bedroom above it and several other smaller objects. Slim furniture cabinet is responsible for adding a sense of space for apartments.
Red White Apartment Interior Design
This Inspiring Fresh home full color,Designed by Jordi Vayreda, this is a comfortable learning in shades of gray, green and pink are used for industrial building into two levels. Fortunately, recently went to make a full-on and now it looks like a bed of life and funny. It's amazing how adding a little color can really turn around the way the house feels. This is probably what the designers had in mind when filling this place with a colorful decor elements such as soft cushion on the floor, a small carpet and rural small containers. Because the white background, these items stand out and make a nice visual contrast. The living room, dining room and kitchen are connected not only physically, but also design-wise. We like how this house seemed to appreciate the pattern is decorated with fun, involving color and youthfulness. Inspiring Interior-Through
Inspiring Fresh home full color

Inspiring Fresh home full color

design Inspiring Fresh home full color

Holiday vacation in Beautiful Apartment with a Feminine Appeal is fantastic,
Presenting the latest top pictures gallery Futuristic Interior Design Gallery from Luxury House about modern futuristic house interior design ideas with beautiful and colorful styles which can be your design inspiration. Creative living room interior decor designed by Amirko aka Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov, this room design is very enrich full of future technology design that can be applied in the bedroom, living room, or other room that you want. This modern home design concept will offer you the option to completely change the look of a room without having to reach for the paint buckets. Simple decor idea is mainly a big wall of small triangle panels that can be rotated to get the color schemes of your variety. Every triangle carries black, white, and rainbow shades. I think that in about 4 or 5 years this idea might be on the market, and then you will be changing the method your studio apartment design looks daily, and who knows maybe design like this will be the future of any modern building interior design, and where is your design 
Futuristic Interior Design Gallery from Luxury House

Futuristic Interior Design Gallery from Luxury House

Incredible  Loft  Natural Light
see the incredible loft Natural light in your home own, maybe this 94 square meter apartment has a privileged location on the corner of the building. You are looking at a nicely arranged flat with three rooms, one beside the park, with unobstructed views over the green expanse outside, and one facing the street, while the kitchen overlooks the pleasant and peaceful courtyard. In the middle lies a spacious hall and in relation to this, a new bathroom. The overall floor plan with massive windows on three sides and the bright color scheme fills the apartment with light. It’s hard to decide which of these rooms we like best. Usually, when we present apartments on Freshome, we like to start with the living-room. But the bedroom in the first photo was just so inviting, that it deserved special treatment. incredible loft Natural light photo night
Incredible  Loft  Natural Light
If you looking for enjoy residence, this is the one place you find out.The unusual looking residence comes from Paulíny Hovorka Architekti and is situated in the small village of Kynceľová, close to the town of Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. The house has a beautiful natural surrounding landscape and overlooks the Tatra mountains.


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