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Feng Shui Home Decorating Style
How to set Fengshui Home Decorating style • Draw a Layout of Your House
The first tip in feng shui is to get a plot or architectural rendering of your home. If one is not available, draw your own as best you can, marking each room, door, window, etc.
Make sure you note where north points in relation to your home or apartment. With this starting point, you can better utilize tips for improving your life. Each home has locations which focus on your family, your finances, your health, etc. Make sure you have a good foundation, by having a diagram of your home.
Is there a favorite room or spot in your home to which everyone seems to gravitate? What about an area that looked promising when you took the space, but turned out to be unused or uncomfortable to be in? Is your business prospering, or is money going out, not coming in? These situations, which I encounter frequently on initial visits with clients, can be solved using the art and science of ancient Chinese Feng shui principles (pronounced fung shway). We often hear the saying, "as goes our environment, so we go." Feng shui teaches us how to create harmony and balance around us. By taking a hard look around and opening up our environment to healthy energy (Chi), we can make changes in our work and living space that will create corresponding changes in our life.

• Door Placement
Ideally, your front door and back door will not line up with each other. If they do, according to the principles of Feng Shui, the chi (energy) will slip right through the house, without bringing benefits to the residents. If the doors do line up, you can help ease the problem by placing a large plant or other obstacle beside one of the doors, with an angled throw rug to encourage a path in a sideways direction.

• Get More Energy in Your Life
Give your life a little yang if you want more energy. Bring in the light. Open the curtains or blinds and let the sun shine in as often as possible. Green plants in your home will activate yang, bringing you joy and happiness. Yang can also be obtained from music, water, air, mirrors, wind chimes, bright colors and flowers. Try it and see!

• Make Your Dreams Come True
Do you have some positive goals or desires? To help make your dreams come true, position an indoor water fountain in a favorable area in your home. The water will attract the things you desire.

• Are You Seeing Red?
The rules of feng shui say to be careful with your use of the color red, which represents the element of fire. Do not use a red living room set. A red sofa and chair could bring undue work pressures and obstacles into your life. Likewise, don't use red in the wealth area.

• Bring Joy and Happiness In
Try decorating with more light, music, water, air, plants, mirrors, windchimes, bright colors, houseplants and flowers. Open the drapes, curtains or miniblinds all the way to let the sun shine in. This will activate the yang chi of joy and happiness.

• Get a Happy Relationship
The southwest area of your home is significant to satisfying relationships. Enhance this area, by eliminating clutter, and replacing it with symbolic items, especially in pairs. Good choices include pairs of candles, pink quartz crystals, heart shapes, or objects made of materials such as porcelain, china, clay, stone or terra-cotta. Stay away from wood or green items in this area.

• Feng Shui in the Dining Room
Round dining room tables are best because circles symbolize heavenly blessings. Dining room chairs should be of an even number and comfortable to sit in. Dining room d├ęcor should be simple, so it doesn't distract from the food
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